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Water quality

Gates for monitoring water flow

The HERA group controls the water quality for all stages of the integrated water service: water supply system, sewers and wastewater treatment.

Water quality requirements are assured through a high degree of surveillance on sources, the use of high level technologies and products for potability, constant verification of the plant performance levels (process controls) and supervision over the state of distribution networks.
With regard to wastewater, the HERA group performs specific controls regarding industrial discharges into the sewer system. This activity makes it possible to restore to the environment an effluent that does not alter the chemical, physical and biological properties of the natural environment. The analytical parameters - chemical, chemical-physical, microbiological and biological - normally monitored are those dictated by current regulations (D.Lgs. 31/2001 and later amendments for water intended for human consumption, and D.Lgs. 152/99 and l.a. for wastewater). In addition to these sets of parameters, the Hera Group researches unconventional parameters for specific periodic audits. Specific research protocols are also set up for testing innovative treatment technologies.

The control activity is carried out with suitable frequency, in compliance with an annual control plan.

This plan describes the setup criteria, sampling points subjected to control, the types of analytical parameters to be studied, and the frequency thereof.

HERA is being developing simple yet reliable field monitoring procedures that may be carried out by skilled technical staff.

The most representative results of control activities are published, from the standpoint of maximum transparency, through consolidated communication channels such as the Carte del Servizio and Web site.


Page updated 6 August 2019

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