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Mission and strategy

One of the Hera Groupís main objectives when it comes to water services is to is to maintain customer satisfaction by guaranteeing 100% quality, as well as providing all the technical services essential for continuity of supply.

The strategic lines of the HERA Group for its water services are as follows:

Customer satisfaction: is achieved through the provision of:

  • drinking water of exceptional quality supplied continuously and in quantities appropriate to the needs of each customer;
  • world-class technical services ensuring that works are estimated, planned and carried out promptly, with an effective and immediate response in case of emergency or faults;
  • exemplary administrative services so that customers are dealt with swiftly and effectively (call centres and branches, account management, billing/invoicing).

Our commitment to customer service and protection are set out in the Customer Service Charter, which:

  • formally sets out the Groupís commitment towards its customers, as an integral part of the supply contract, together with the regulations governing the terms and conditions of the integrated water service;
  • identify the core principles the Group must comply with in managing the integrated water service;
  • define the quality of service standards which the Group is committed to delivering and which are used to measure customer satisfaction;

Increase and standardise the level of service by extending best practice:

HERA seeks to harness and share the experience and wealth of knowledge it has gained through its long and successful management of water services across large areas with complex infrastructure. The Group is currently studying and disseminating best management practices Ė both in the technical and financial sense Ė with a view to raising standards, despite the fact that it already delivers an unparalleled level of service.

Increasing the security of water supply:

By maintaining a tradition of design and innovation, HERA continues to offer local authorities the benefit of its experience and professional expertise in planning, scheduling, designing and building the water infrastructure necessary to safeguard the drinking water supply and create an extensive sanitation network (sewerage systems and wastewater treatment plants) in the most densely populated areas. The approach to our strategic projects is the same as before: we strive to build facilities that will last for generations to come, delivering significant technical performance and financial returns without harming the environment.

Reducing the consumption of natural resources:

HERA invests in technological solutions that minimise the consumption of water, energy and reagents. Hence it is working on plant automation and remote control projects to optimise production cycles, as well as using high-performance, durable technologies and materials.

Improving the properties of wastewater:

despite having inherited a water network with numerous legacy issues (for example, small treatment plants that are highly fragmented, obsolete and low-tech), HERA is exemplary in meeting the quality standards required by law for wastewater released back into the environment; in many cases, HERA even outperforms these treatment standards to protect the receiving water bodies.

Reducing the impact of engineering works:

HERA has developed considerable expertise in the use of no-dig technology for the static and hydraulic rehabilitation of mains water and sewerage networks. In many cases, this technology allows repairs to be carried out with relatively minor road works, minimising the area affected, the duration of the work, dust and noise pollution and traffic disruption. One of the Groupís companies is particularly equipped for this, with specialist expertise and technology enabling it to operate nationwide.


Page updated 6 August 2019

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