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HERA's core business in the water sector consists of managing the integrated water service based on agreements entered into with local water boards (Agenzie d'Ambito Territoriale Ottimale, or ATO).
Managing the integrated water service involves the technical and administrative management of the mains water supply and sewerage and water treatment services.

Il ciclo del servizio idrico il ciclo del servizio idrico

The technical activities consist of the design, construction, operation and routine and unscheduled maintenance of aqueduct, sewerage and waste water treatment networks and plants. Crucially, it also includes quality control of water intended for purification, drinking water and waste water discharges, in accordance with current legislation.
Networks and plants operate both in normal and maintenance mode, as well in emergency mode. Reports received by the call centre are handled according to the Service Charter applicable to the area covered by each ATO. The emergency service covers the entire area and is available 24 hours a day at the technical call centre, which dispatches emergency response teams to deal with the call.
Alongside the technical operations, management of the integrated water service includes a series of administrative procedures, such as signing, amending and terminating supply agreements for the integrated water service or parts thereof, metering and recording the supply and other services, billing and payment collection, as well as all ancillary activities necessary for end-to-end provision of the integrated water service.


Select a Province for information on the Municipalities and the related services provided.


For information on the services provided in other territories, please refer to the Internet sites of AcegasAps and Marche Multiservizi.

Page updated 6 August 2019

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