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The Hera Group is a leading player in waste management services through the work of Herambiente. Herambiente's plants represent the largest plant infrastructure in Italy and allow the company to manage the entire waste treatment chain in an environmentally friendly manner: from the technology used in environmental services and waste collection, implemented and tailored to the municipalities served, to treatment plants and materials recycling, in a continuous cycle able to create economic and environmental value for the whole community. In Emilia-Romagna, the Hera Group, through Herambiente, has always been synonymous with integrated management and expertise. It is committed to perpetuating this virtuous cycle, which makes the region one of the most advanced in Europe in terms of waste management.

In addition to its large number of plants and the wide range of treatment types they cover, Herambiente's plant infrastructure is unique, both within Italy and internationally, for its reliability, innovation, cutting-edge technology and high performance in terms of minimising environmental impacts.

Of particular interest to the public is the Hera Group's ability to uphold its promise to protect the environment and prevent pollution throughout the entire waste cycle.

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In Italy, where there is a significant lack of waste management infrastructure, the Hera Group strives for excellence and self-sufficiency in the areas it covers. Hera's waste treatment activities are primarily geared towards the recovery of materials so they can be reused in the production cycle and thereby drastically reduce both the quantity and toxicity of waste destined for landfill.

Page updated 8 August 2019

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