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Key figures

Key environmental service numbers are listed below

no. municipalities served181187194190190188187174187
millions of inhabitants served2,7782,8413,2773,3113,3233,3003,3103,1353,200
segregated waste as % of total waste50.551.652.654.055.456.657.762.564.6
urban waste collected (000 ton)1,809.01,771.02,011.02,037.02,040.02,047.72,039.01,980.32,037.4
waste treated (000 ton)5,1074,8566,2196,4266,2256,8676,8027,2937,175.1
no. of waste-to-energy plants7810101010101010
Ktonnes/year of waste treated by waste-to-energy plants923,0954,91,372.91,393.91,390.31,336.31,305.41,309.801,259.9
GWh/year of electr. power prod. by waste-to-energy plants697.0713.0974.0980.0961.0992.0952.8943.5927.0
no. of controlled landfills121313111878811
no. of composting plants/digester111111111111111111
number of selection plants11115769151515

(Source: 2019 FR)


Page updated 8 April 2020

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