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Integrated waste management

Hera provides refuse collection and street cleaning environmental services and manages the treatment plants in all the municipalities in which it operates.

Hera Group's plants and services directly manage the entire integrated waste cycle for the territory served, with over 1.6 million inhabitants of the provinces of Bologna, Modena, Ferrara, Ravenna, Forlì Cesena, Rimini, Florence and Pesaro Urbino.

The Territorial Areas of the Hera Group, one per province, perform the usual environmental services in all municipalities served, from urban and special waste collection (unseparated and differentiated) to cleaning the ground and streets, from reclamation of deteriorated areas to snow clearing services. It also performs complementary local environmental health services (public parks and furnishings management, public lighting, beach cleaning, poster and graffiti removal, etc.).The complex system for treating all kinds of waste is headed up directly by Herambiente, which ensures it is used efficiently and optimally. The municipalities served are fully self-sufficient in terms of disposing of their entire waste production.

Founded in 2009, Herambiente is currently 25% owned by international funds Eiser and APG. Herambiente offers customised environmental services to companies through a dedicated commercial structure. Sustainability, environmental protection and investment in technological innovation ensure safe and effective solutions which are subject to transparent certification procedures.

Page updated 8 August 2019

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