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An innovative information system for the integrated management of all the Environmental Services activities of the HERA Group, enhancing their quality, effectiveness and efficiency and ensuring flow traceability.


What could a waste bin tell us, if it could speak? It could tell us where it is, for example. Or perhaps whether or not it is damaged. But most importantly, it could tell us when it was last emptied.

The good news is that the 300,000 waste bins managed by Hera are now doing exactly that.

Thanks to HergoAmbiente, the "smart" system designed and created by the multi-utility to support its Environmental Services activities (waste collection and street cleaning), every waste bin has been tagged and given a "name", a "surname" and a "voice". This means that, at any time – and in real time – we can check that they are in the right place and functioning properly, as well as if and when they have been emptied.

It’s not just the approach to waste bins that is innovative. Using dedicated technologies and cutting-edge information systems, HergoAmbiente allocates a unique identity to all other assets (e.g. vehicles, ecological stations and plants), locating their position, scheduling their associated activities, checking that these are properly carried out and assessing the quality of the services provided.

It therefore represents an integrated, timely and in-depth way to manage waste collection and street cleaning, which includes services carried out by external contractors and is set up to respond to alerts from members of the public and operators, quickly transforming them into work orders.

What is our aim? To enhance the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the services provided to 2.6 million people by optimising the deployment of a workforce that, including all of Hera's operators and the external contractors, represents around 3,000 people, and ensuring the traceability of collected waste in real time.


It’s only by introducing significant innovation and transparency that the right conditions can be created to bring in tariffs based on waste monitoring, thus rewarding good conduct by households, in their own interest and in the interest of public authorities.

Representing an extraordinary opportunity to serve local communities, HergoAmbiente thinks and works like a network, i.e. a network of interconnected people and devices that can govern the entire group of processes underpinning Environmental Services: design, planning, operational planning, alert management, execution on the ground, data logging, reporting and the redesigning of services, as data analysis always provides opportunities to define and identify new tailor-made objectives.

Due to the depth and scope of its activities, HergoAmbiente represents a development in environmental services management that is unparalleled in Italy and also constitutes best practice at European level. It is a sign of excellence and a source of pride for the areas that it serves.


  • In Environmental Services management, HergoAmbiente exponentially increases the value of the information available, adding to the environments where it can be found: recording it, geo-referencing it, interconnecting it and transforming it into valuable knowledge that can be put to immediate use in improving the services delivered to households. Data input and transmission errors are dramatically reduced.


    With HergoAmbiente, we can:

    • identify and update the number and position of waste containers in the area as well as their status (e.g. whether they have been emptied, and when);
    • seek to continuously improve the design andoperational planning of services;
    • rapidly track waste collection andstreet cleaning;
    • organise workforce deployment quickly and flexibly;
    • ensure that information from the ground, sent at the end of their shifts by Hera's operators and external contractors carrying out part of our services, is taken on board;
    • establish precisely the real "productivity" of collection centres, transfer points or even individual containers;
    • increase the efficiency of the bulky waste collection service;
    • incorporate information flows from call centres and apps such as Rifiutologo, translating them into corresponding services for implementation;
    • produce reports providing timely analysis of services to ensure transparency for members of the public and institutions.


    With HergoAmbiente, we can establish the actual position of waste bins in the area, as well as whether they have been emptied, and when.

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