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RAEE in carcere

The “RAEE in carcere” (“WEEE in prison”) project was launched in Bologna, Ferrara and Forlì in 2008. Developed and coordinated by Hera and Techne, it involves the Emilia-Romagna Regional Authority, the Regional Prison Service, Provincial Authorities, the Municipal Councils of Forlì-Cesena, Bologna and Ferrara, the WEEE consortia Ecolight and Ecodom, vocational training agencies and social cooperatives. Since the start of the project in February 2013, 44 prisoners in three workshops have been dismantling WEEE (large and small domestic appliances) from Hera's recycling centres. Some 17 prisoners have been hired on a permanent basis by firms specialising in recovery in the local area. The increase in the number of prisoners hired or receiving training since the launch of the project in early 2013 is a remarkable: 75%. In June 2013, more than 2,058 tonnes of waste were treated in the three workshops, and of this over 85% was sent for recycling/recovery.

Environmental results

  • Average monthly tonnage of WEEE treated in the three workshops (in 2012): 45 tonnes
  • Total tonnage of WEEE processed in June 2013 in the three workshops: approx. 2,100 tonnes
  • Just under a quarter of WEEE (R2 and R4) collected by Hera in the Bologna, Forlì and Ferrara areas is treated under the scheme

Social results

  • total number of prisoners hired since the start of the project in February 2013 in the three workshops: 17
  • total number of prisoners involved since the start of the project in February 2013 in the three workshops (excluding those hired): 44
  • 2 workers joined local firms on release from prison

Page updated 10 June 2014

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