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Manolibera paper factory

The “Manolibera” project was developed by Hera in association with Techne and Comieco. It consists of the creation, in Forlì remand centre, of a paper factory producing handmade paper in partnership with the Coop. CILS di Cesena, the Provincial Department of Employment of Forlì-Cesena, Forlì-Cesena Provincial Authority, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Forlì Municipal Council, Cesena Municipal Council and the Unione dei Comuni del Rubicone.
The workshop makes handcrafted paper under the “Manolibera” brand. It uses a 100% natural process of Arab-Chinese origin, involving the pulping and homogenisation of paper waste to produce a reclaimed paper-based material. The prisoners therefore make decorative objects, writing paper and other items for organisations, institutions, shops and bookstores, from scraps of paper and cardboard. Two of the trainees have been chosen to run the workshop and another four have been picked to begin their basic training. Another workshop has been set up at the work-study association CSL, where finishing and packaging are carried out. One prisoner (after completing a year's training at the prison) has been granted a special exit permit so that he can train young people with disabilities to facilitate their integration into the workplace.

Page updated 10 June 2014

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