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The “RAEEbilitando” workshop, set up in Bologna by a partnership composed of Hera, the Consorzio Remedia, Opera dell’Immacolata, Tred Carpi S.r.l. and Consorzio Trasporti Faenza Soc. Coop. p. a., involves young people with disabilities in the disassembly of non-hazardous WEEE consisting of small household appliances.
Specifically, eight of the people involved were sent by the USSI (Local Social Health Authority), while three are on work experience with the workshop - one from the Mental Health Service, two from the Drug Rehabilitation Service.
Each person has worked a total of around 200 days, giving a total of 8,000 hours of work.
One of the three people on work experience has been able to put the experience to good use, developing sufficient technical and social skills to be recommended by the Drug Rehabilitation Service for employment with a social cooperative.
The quantity of WEEE (class R4) recovered during the year from 11/05/2012 to 10/05/2013 totalled 19,397 kg, 6,104 kg more than in the same period of 2010/2011.
By comparing the landfill scenario with the quantities sent to the workshop, this activity represents an energy saving of 241,363.04 Gj, avoiding the emission of 13,933.93 tonnes of CO2.

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