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Trashware Cesena

Trashware Cesena is a project launched in 2011 which in two years delivered 423 computers to schools, associations and individuals, and is focused on recycling and assisting young university students. Developed by student association S.P.R.I.Te. in partnership with the Municipality of Cesena, Hera and the scientific branch of the Cesena Campus of the University of Bologna, the project has become a reference point for those that wish to get rid of dated but functioning computer equipment and for all entities that require reconditioned computers for basic computer activities.
The Trashware volunteers spent the first few months altering and fitting out the premises to accommodate the project, and developing ways of promoting the service. A website and Facebook page have been set up, and leaflets have been distributed around the town.
In two years, 1,310 organisations have contacted the association, the majority looking to provide at least one unwanted computer: in total 423 computers have been refurbished and distributed; of these, 206 have gone to schools and charities, including AISM (the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association), which was given seven computers and was able to set up a small computer room, thus giving concrete support to the activities of the association's members.

Page updated 10 June 2014

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