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Toner and mobile phone Eco-boxes

This project stems from a Hera Group initiative in partnership with Eco-Recuperi, a company that recovers mobile phones as well as other technological waste such as used cartridges and various types of WEEE. The project involves free delivery to schools of containers (Eco-Boxes) in which students can put their old mobile phones and accessories. Once full, the containers will be emptied by social cooperatives operating in the areas concerned.
The box represents a new opportunity for schools and the people in them to significantly reduce a type of WEEE which is often sent to landfill, and to reduce the use of raw materials. The mobiles collected are sent to be reused wherever possible (and therefore resold on the market); only if they cannot be refurbished are they sent for recycling in order to extract the raw and secondary materials from which they are made. By joining the scheme, schools can win various prizes based on their score, which is calculated depending on the quantity collected each time the eco-box is emptied. All prizes are IT-related (e.g. PCs, scanners, printers, cartridges, digital cameras, etc.).

Page updated 10 June 2014

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