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Environmental projects with a social impact

European Directive 2008/98/EC on waste, transposed into Italian law by Legislative Decree 205/2010, defines the following hierarchy for waste prevention and management:

  • prevention;
  • preparing for re-use;
  • recycling;
  • other recovery, e.g. energy recovery;
  • disposal.

The Hera Group, while operating as a waste management provider, and therefore in compliance with the prerogatives of those responsible for waste planning, has developed and participated in numerous initiatives aimed at encouraging waste prevention. It has also launched special projects for the prevention, recycling and recovery of waste aimed in part at the social integration of disadvantaged groups.

The most significant initiatives include:

  • The “RAEE in carcere” (“WEEE in prison”) project was launched in Bologna, Ferrara and Forlì in 2008.

  • The “Manolibera” project was developed by Hera in association with Techne and Comieco. It consists of the creation, in Forlì remand centre, of a paper factory producing handmade paper in partnership with the Coop.

  • The “RAEEbilitando” workshop, set up in Bologna by a partnership composed of Hera, the Consorzio Remedia, Opera dell’Immacolata, Tred Carpi S.r.l. and Consorzio Trasporti Faenza Soc. Coop. p. a., involves young people with disabilities in the disassembly of non-hazardous WEEE consisting of small household appliances.

  • Life “Lowaste”, a project coordinated by the Municipality of Ferrara, on waste prevention and recycling initiatives for the development of at least four waste management cycles.

  • “Second Life”, the new reuse area launched in September 2011 together with the Municipality of Bologna, right next to one of Hera's new recycling points.

  • Edy

    “Edy” is the new creative reuse site that was opened in November 2012 in Modena to give a new lease of life to unused and unwanted clothes, shoes and other objects.

  • Trashware Cesena is a project launched in 2011 which in two years delivered 423 computers to schools, associations and individuals, and is focused on recycling and assisting young university students.

  • This project stems from a Hera Group initiative in partnership with Eco-Recuperi, a company that recovers mobile phones as well as other technological waste such as used cartridges and various types of WEEE.

Page updated 8 August 2019

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