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Electric mobility

The era of electric mobility

For many years Hera has been in the forefront when it comes to commitment to promoting the most sustainable mobility model available to all.

To increase awareness of the advantages of electric mobility, Hera launched "Electric Road" in 2014, a new initiative dedicated to the areas of Modena and Imola.


In 2011, the group launched various initiatives dedicated to electric cars including “HeraMobility”, the app for iPhones which allows you to easily locate the nearest public charging station throughout Italy, find out how to get there and see whether it is free and working at the time.

This service is also available online at the page mobility, where you can also display the number of charges carried out by the entire public station system in real time and the amount of carbon dioxide until that time.

The Hera Group has dedicated “electric driving” the commercial offering of Hera Comm for owners of electric cars to sustainable mobility. For residential customers, there is an all-inclusive flat pack, which for only 25 € a month (including VAT) allows customers to use a card for charging their electric car, which is unlimited, at all public charging stations compatible and located in Italy (for a complete list, visit mobility or download the APP) .. For VAT registered electric vehicles, charging is also unlimited, but the offer is based on consumption: you only pay for what you actually use.
For every pit stop, Hera is committed to supporting the producers of electricity from renewable sources by purchasing special environmental certificates (“GO” - Garanzia di Origine CO-FER). Confirmation of the devotion of the Group, which in 2015 produced 70% of the electricity produced from renewable and similar sources* to continue to bet on sustainability.

*Source: 2015 Sustainability Report


Electric Mobility: Hera Group project starts from Imola and Modena
as seen by Stefano Venier
(General Manager Development and Market)

electric-vehicle charge pumps

"The era of electric mobility"
involves installing some 40 electric-vehicle charge pumps in the municipalities of Imola and Modena. In the first stage of the project's implementation, which is due to be completed by 2011, 10 public charge stations are being installed in each municipality.
The second phase of the project will involve the installation of additional charge stations, the locations of which will be decided based on the gradual spread of electric mobility. The positioning of the public charge stations has been studied in order to maximise the benefits for companies, workers and the circulation of goods. Most of the pumps installed in Modena and Imola will be located within park-and-ride centres or more general "exchange" areas in order to provide a service for commuters and local businesses, guaranteeing a dedicated parking and charging space for electric vehicles and any thermal-engine vehicles in the event of car/van sharing, which is currently being studied.
During this stage, the clients of the pilot project will mainly be local businesses. Upon purchase of an electric vehicle, Hera will offer these clients an annual electricity-supply contract dedicated to mobility at extremely advantageous conditions, as well as a number of specific privileges for the first to take advantage of the offer.


The involvement of local businesses will help to ensure that the Hera Group achieves the project's goals. More specifically, the electric vehicles purchased by the businesses will be dedicated to the transfer of small goods between the municipalities involved and the movement of employees between company offices.

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