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Hera: supporting companies and households: COOPERATION AND CLOSENESS

Hera for companies: putting know-how at the disposal of local businesses

The Hera Group's promotion of energy efficiency is also achieved through cooperation with other companies. In such cases, the Hera team puts its know-how at their partners' disposal to provide support at the energy diagnosis stage, the aim being to follow through with the implementation of energy efficiency measures and, consequently, obtain white certificates. Contacts with businesses often involve trade associations. Over the last decade, this has allowed us to enter into agreements and partnerships with Federchimica and Confindustria in the Modena, Ferrara, Rovigo, Forlì and Cesena areas. Between 2007 and 2017, 116 projects with external partners were presented to obtain white certificates. These totalled 282,423 toe, equivalent to the consumption of 198,000 households.

A few case studies follow:

  • For the Bio-on company in Bologna, Hera Servizi Energia has contributed to create and manage a new technological-energy centre with an innovateive trigeneration plant, which will save 386 toe/year.
  • For the CLAIcooperative in Imola (BO), Hera has collaborated to build the new central refrigeration unit in the plant, which will save about 27 toe/year.
  • For Parmareggio in Modena (MO), Hera has collaborated in the development of the "glycol" refrigeration unit, which will save 24 toe/year.

Hera for households: offers for intelligent use of energy

In 2017, the commitment to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency grew further and was also confirmed by the launch of commercial offers with value-added services that enable the monitoring and reduction of consumption of Hera Comm's household and corporate customers:

  • the “Welcome Hera" offer gives access to the free market of Hera Comm and to all the innovative solutions designed to understand and reduce consumptions (over 150,000 subscriptions for the electricity service and about 136,000 subscriptions for the gas service in 2017 alone);
  • the “consumption analysis" service monitors energy consumption over time and allows comparison with similar households. For the supply of electricity, Hera Comm has carried out a study comparing customers with the service active to a sample of customers without active service, but with "similar" characteristics (based on the municipality and ex ante consumption). The study found that changes in customer behaviour alone can lead to savings of around 2.5% of annual consumption. This confirms the effectiveness of the behavioural programmes for the Group's customers;
  • expansion of the portfolio of innovative solutions available to customers to reduce and monitor their consumption with the "Hera ContaWatt" and the "Energy Management Portal", digital solutions that, through simple and easy to understand interfaces, enable real time consumption monitoring, even remotely.

The trend of subscriptions to the consumption analysis report doubled in 2017, a tangible sign of how much customers appreciate all the initiatives that can reduce their environmental impact and make energy consumption and the resulting expenses more efficient. The combination of intelligent energy efficiency tools has decisively supported the dissemination of the new offers launched in 2017. In addition to the "Nuova Idea Hera" offer, we added "Hera Thermo", allowing customers to monitor their own consumption through an intelligent thermostat, to control their own boiler remotely and to consult a report on consumption) and "Hera Caldo Smart" (HSE’s offer for energy efficiency designed for condominiums).

In 2016, 19% of the electricity sold by Hera Comm on the free market came from renewable sources and for the remainder, mainly from natural gas and coal. The reduction of the energy we sold that was generated from renewable sources is a consequence of the lower production, due seasonal differences, of energy from hydroelectric sources, but higher than the national average (16%). In addition, approximately 75,000 customers (8.7% of the total) have signed a free market offer called "Pacchetto Natura" which guarantees that the electricity they consume comes from renewable sources.