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The Group's energy plants

While up till now the Hera Group has never defined itself as a producer of electricity, it has nevertheless been involved for some time in projects targeted at the efficient production of both electricity and thermal energy.

The power plants that go to make up the Group's electricity supply chain are aimed at ensuring complete competence as well as a diversified portfolio in the production of electricity.


Grafico degli impianti elettrici e ambientali al 2017 Rinnovabili 31 MW. Vai alla scheda Cogenerazione 144 MW. Vai alla scheda

The Group's energy plants
(situation at 2017)
Nominal electric power (MW)Gross electricity (MWh)Gross thermal energy (MWh)
Waste-to-energy plants127732,920156,438
Cogeneration (Group Companies)113362,337179,250
Cogeneration in service (HSE - HC)25128,19480,873
Combustion of landfill biogas562,808-
Combustion of digestori biogas319,966-
Combustion of purification plant biogas36,0365,985
Photovoltaic energy (HERA, HA, HSPA, AAA)21,971-
Hydroelectricity power2--
Geothermal energynana63,535
Thermal power plants for heat servicenana216,055


The HERA Group's natural gas distribution plants (at 2017) 
Km HP network134
Km MP network10,610
Km LP network10,150


Industrial cogeneration

Poduction chain monitoring

The Hera Group operates in the Industrial Cogeneration business by installing various plants at large companies.

The term cogeneration means the simultaneous production of various forms of secondary energy (electricity and heat energy) starting from just one source (whether fossil or renewable) implemented in a single integrated system. Heat energy can be used for industrial use or room conditioning (heating, cooling).

Cogeneration is achieved in special thermoelectric power plants where hot process water and/or fumes produced by a prime mover powered by fossil fuel (natural gas, fuel oil, biomasses, etc.) are recovered. Thus we get significant energy savings as compared to the separate production of electricity (via generation in an electricity plant) and heat energy (via a traditional thermal plant).

Supply chain management

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