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Hera Energy Services is the new Group company dedicated to energy efficiency services. It provides numerous services, ranging from basic primary energy saving services and the operation and maintenance of energy plants, to engineering, procurement and construction services, heat management and industrial co-generation.

Hera Energy Services is mainly active in three market segments: Apartment Buildings, Public Administration and Industrial Customers.It offers a range of services, including:

  • Individual metering of apartment building heating (Legislative Decree 102/2014). To meet the requirements of apartment buildings with centralised heating systems, a specific offering, "Hera Caldo Smart", has been created, which includes the installation and activation of the necessary tool to regulate the energy consumption of individual residential units, as well as the registration, monitoring and management of consumption data and related expenditure. There is also an option to install a thermostat to programme heat activation as desired, including remotely via SMS, or a simple manual thermostat;
  • Energy service with redevelopment of apartment building power plant: after an inspection to establish any inefficiency within the facilities, the plant is restructured, possibly with the installation of solar panels to integrate the production of hot water for sanitary use, installation of heat pumps and high-performance cooling plants, and, lastly, installation of suitable heat metres. These activities can generate an energy saving of up to 40%.
  • Heat management: this activity provides management, operation and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services for energy heating and/or cooling plants, designed to ensure the rational use of energy sources, comfort in buildings, the correct functioning and proper management of technological plants, compliance with legal rules on energy saving and environmental protection and safety. In this area, Hera Energy Services also acts as the responsible third party.
  • Energy service with creation of co-generation plants and facilities: aimed at industrial customers and business customers, the service entails the creation and management of plants for the combined generation of power and heat, with the addition of cooling in the case of trigeneration. The service includes plant planning, installation and management. All facilities are structured on an efficient consumption system (sistema efficiente di utenza - SEU) basis and the company is responsible for all plant permits, construction and management, ensuring that the customer saves energy without having to use its own resources. The service may be provided with an investment on the part of Hera Energy Services as an E.S.CO. (Energy Service Company)
  • Energy efficiency services: through the restructuring of the generation plant, systems and rules for heat and power usage, the insertion of insulation systems into buildings and the installation of photovoltaic or co-generation plants, savings of up to 25% are achieved. HES operates as an E.S.CO and its business is remunerated on the basis of the savings generated through energy efficiency, ensuring a guaranteed saving for the customer.
  • Operation and maintenance service for thermal power plants: the service improves plant efficiency by replacing burners with new high-performance ones. Hera Energy Services continuously manages and monitors the plant, as well as performing periodic maintenance.

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