A responsible and sustainable service

Gas, energy, water and environment:
a value also for future generations

A service is sustainable when it manages to satisfy the needs of citizens without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy theirs. A service capable of improving the quality of life of those who use it, while respecting the environment and mankind.

This is the priority of the Hera Group, which translates into a wealth of actions, initiatives and projects for environmental, water, electricity and gas services. A stimulating and innovative way of working, capable of satisfying a pool of 4 million citizens and, at the same time, creating a positive impact at an environmental, social and economic level.

economia circolare
servizio idrico integrato
efficienza energetica e sicurezza

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Information, self-reading, reports: the Hera local water service App

The App that simplifies separate waste collection in the areas served by Hera