Hera Group is a leader in
environmental, water and energy services.

Hera was established in 2002 following the combination of 11 public service companies in Emilia-Romagna into one single multi-utility, capable of creating a proper "public services industry" active in the sectors of the Environment (waste collection and treatment), Energy (distribution and sale of electricity and gas) and Water (waterworks, sewerage and purification). Hera's goal is to be the best multi-utility in Italy for its customers, workforce and shareholders. It aims to achieve this through further development of an original corporate model capable of innovation and of forging strong links with the areas in which it operates by respecting the local environment. Over time, other multi-utility companies joined Hera Group, like Marche Multiservizi, operating in the provinces of Pesaro and Urbino and AcegasApsAmga, established following the merger with AcegasAps, operating in Padua and Trieste, and Amga operating in the province of Udine.

For Hera to be the best means to represent a reason for pride and trust for:
customers, who receive, thanks to Hera's constant responsiveness to their needs, quality services that satisfy their expectations.
Employees, about 9,000 people committed to providing essential services on a daily basis, because they are largely responsible for the results, thanks to their expertise, involvement and passion;
shareholders, confident that the economic value of the company will continue to be generated in full respect of the principles of social responsibility;
the reference areas, because economic, social and environmental health represent the promise of a sustainable future;
suppliers, key elements in the value chain and partners for growth.




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