The Hera Group

For the HERA Group, people’s cultural growth is as much of a priority as the services it provides every day. With more than 200 exhibitions and events supported each year, Hera shines a spotlight on the central role of culture in the enhancement of the regions it serves and in the promotion of the quality of life of their residents.

By carefully surveying the most important activities enlivening our cultural landscape, Hera continues to identify and reward excellent initiatives, which also allows the company to reach some of its own objectives.


We choose our cultural partners with a view to engaging in projects with an increasingly broad reach, which, although they are high-profile arts events, are accessible to all, just like the services we provide every day. We aim to enter into partnerships with a good strategic capacity for building and enhancing significant relationships between the company and its stakeholders.

As we work with energy, we cannot overlook the most important energy of all, that of cinema, theatre, music and all of the arts, which nourish our hearts and minds.

Cultural energy contributes to making all of our lives worth living; it helps us to rediscover the connective tissue of our communities, re-awakening in all of us a healthy feeling of belonging and our bond with the local community.

Campagna Heventi
In 2015, Hera supported 216 events, 103 cultural, 70 social, 31 sports, 12 environmental
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