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The year 2016 has seen the launch of HEXTRA, the integrated company welfare systemfor all Group companies, aligned with the company's culture and values and capable of boosting our employees' personal and family well-being from the economic and social perspective.

The initiatives and services proposed are classified within the following macro-categories:

  • Health and Healthcare

  • Insurance and Social Security

  • Educational support / Assistance for children

  • Individual Services

  • Well-being and Income Support

  • Hera Solidale

The new Plan introduces a flexible welfare quota, or a "budget" that is the same for all employees, with which the company provides each person with the possibility of choosing from individual initiatives offered within the six macro-categories. For example, you can obtain a reimbursement for certain medical expenses incurred, supplement your contractual pension fund, purchase goods and services like a cinema/theatre pass, a gym membership or extra-professional training courses, and obtain a reimbursement for your children's educational expenses.

In addition, there is an additional per-capita investment for employees with school-age children, which provides an additional quota to be used exclusively for educational expenses, from the nursery to university.

Page update 20 July 2018

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