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Selection process

The Group strives to be the best multi-utility company in Italy, so we are looking for suitable, flexible and innovative people to join a dynamic team.

1 - Recruitment
We collect CVs via:

  • the website;
  • corporate recruitment events;
  • arrangements with schools, universities and Masterís programmes.

2 - Selection
Once we have screened CVs against the position applied for, the selection process detailed below is followed:

  • candidates are invited for an initial interview with the Head of Personnel;
  • candidates who pass the first interview are invited for a second, technical interview with the Head of the relevant department and the Head of Personnel;
  • applicants passing the first two stages are invited for a third interview with the relevant Head of Personnel to finalise the appointment.

3 - Integration
The new employee is integrated into the company through a training and career-orientation programme that allows them to get to know the company and gradually work their way into life at Hera.


Page updated 20 July 2018

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