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Our Leadership Model

Our Leadership Model: handling of complex situations, striving towards excellence, focus on service, exemplary leadership

Our Model was developed in 2010 starting with interpreting the strategic challenges facing our company. It describes the key behaviour needed to bring our mission and our values to life. It represents the interpretation of our corporate strategy, acting as a reference point for the day to day conduct of all of us.

Since the early part of the year, special Training Workshops have been held on the Leadership Model aimed at making the contents widely accessible.

How can it be described in just a few words? Its essence lies in the ability of knowing how to strike a balance, coping with all the various requirements.


There are four Key Elements on which the Model is based:

1) handling of complex situations
2) striving towards excellence
3) focus on service
4) exemplary leadership

There is a description for each Key Element of the skills featured and the conduct required for implementation.

Whom does it involve? Our leadership model initially addresses the Groupís Senior Managers and Middle Managers.

Starting off with the knowledge that it is all of us who implement the strategy through our decisions, our actions and our behaviour, this launch is just the beginning of a journey along a path that will lead to the growth of the individual and the growth of the group.

Page updated 20 July 2018

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