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Employee climate survey

The internal climate survey plays a key role in the continuous improvement and engagement of employees, two of the operating principles laid down in our Groupís Charter of Values. The survey was first carried out in 2005, and it is conducted every two years to allow for improvements to be implemented.

From the first climate survey conducted in 2005, employees satisfaction increased by 14 points.

  • The objectives that the Group set out to achieve were 66% participation of the corporate population and achievement of the Esi target with a total of 63 points out of 100 (personnel satisfaction index). The results show achievement of the Esi target equal to 63.2 points and overachievement of the participation objective, which reached 70.7%. Among the most significant elements, the gap between the satisfaction surveyed through the customer satisfaction surveys and that perceived by the personnel dropped to 7 points, slightly lower than 2013 (8 points). Among the initiatives most appreciated by the workers, of note are the meetings with the Chairman and Managing Director, the top-down meetings with managers and training.

    Employee satisfaction indices 2015

    Employee satisfaction indices 2015

    Hera's image with employees 2015

Page updated 29 August 2018

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