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Shared value


The communities in which we are active, the environment around us, the families who have chosen us, the suppliers we work with: our services and activities have an impact on millions of people every day.


Creating shared value is our new vision combining our strategic approach, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability. This new approach started in 2016 and is our way of generating economic value for the company and, at the same time, producing a positive, long-term impact on communities and the environment, taking into account the priorities of the "Global Agenda".

The multiutility has been admitted to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's prestigious international CE100 programme, involving the leading companies that have made a name for themselves by their commitment to the transition to a "circular economy".

How do we create shared value? We have set ourselves three corporate priorities, borrowed from the goals set out in the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 and 22 other local, European, national and global policies that we analysed in 2016. One such priority is the transition to a circular economy, in which our Group has, and will increasingly have in the future, a key role.

Our corporate priorities

Uso intelligente dell'energia

Promotion of energy efficiency
Diffusion of renewable energies
Climate change control

Uso efficiente delle risorse

Transition toward a circular economy
Sustainable water resource management

Innovazione e sviluppo

Economic development and social inclusion
Dissemination of innovation and digitization
Air and soil protection

Energy efficiency: 117 actions and many solutions for our customers
Sustainable Hera
Reduced paper use thanks to electronic bills
From waste to gas: as circular as can be!
Scart - Waste can be beautiful (and useful)
Our commitment to increasingly smart cities
Heat from the ground for our homes
A plan to protect the Adriatic Sea
A "smart" system for environmental services

From waste processing to compost and biogas production, from water treatment to district heating: find out about circularity-based, low environmental impact solutions and technologies.

An "Hera" that has been flowing for 15 years
Un'Hera che scorre da 15 anni
Shared Value
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Risultati economici 2016 - Il commento del Presidente del Gruppo Hera