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Market position

Leading the market with a sustainable approach 

Since establishment in 2002, Hera records a constant growth becoming one of the largest multi-utility in Italy reaching a 2017 turnover of 5.6 billion euro serving about 2.2 million customers (on average). The Group aims to becoming the "best Italian multi-utility" pursuing a Business Plan targeting a +4.4% cagr for 2021 Ebitda. Hera is currently "Top" ranked at national level in main businesses:

waste: first, water: second, gas: fourth (among multi utilities)

Thanks to interactive tools Benchmark of consolidated results and Benchmark of results by business you can compare Hera economic and operating data with ones of main national comparables.

Compare 2017 Hera Sales growth to sector performance

Revenues 2017 (mln €)

Revenues 2017 (mln Euro)

Source: 2017 FR

Page updated 27 March 2018

2018 Economic results - Comments of the President
2018 Economic results - Comments of the President
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Sustainability in Hera Group
Sustainability in Hera Group