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Mila Fabbri

Group Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs

Mila Fabbri

Born in Casalfiumanese (BO) in 1958 and has a law degree from the University of Bologna. Between 1983 and 1996, she was head of legal and corporate affairs at Ami S.p.A., a year later becoming director of Ami's institutional affairs and resources division (organisation and personnel, corporate and legal affairs, information services and sales sectors) and director of Con.Ami. She became particularly knowledgeable about transforming companies, so she took part in various studies on restructuring local public services firms and worked on stock market flotations.
Ms Fabbri has sat on the board of several Hera Group companies and been involved in getting them off the ground.
Since November 2002, she has been Hera Group’s general director of legal and corporate affairs, charged with directing, overseeing and managing legal and corporate matters for the entire group. She handles external legal relations for all business areas, litigation and corporate relations with Borsa Italiana and Consob.
She also manages insurance policies for the entire Hera Group.
Since January 2010, as part of the group's organisational and corporate restructuring, Ms Fabbri has been Group Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs and coordinator of FederUtility's tenders working group.

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