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Franco Fogacci

Manager - Water

Franco Fogacci

Franco Fogacci, born in Bologna in 1957, holds a degree in business and economics. He joined Rolo Banca in 1989 as Payment Systems Manager. He then became Head of Planning and Financial Management at Coop Adriatica. After a brief spell as a consultant, he joined Seabo S.p.A. in 2001 as Head of Planning and Operations Control.

In November 2002, following the merger of Seabo into Hera S.p.A., he became Planning, Budgeting and Control Manager, reporting directly to the General Manager and charged with the planning and supervision for the achievement of Hera's objectives. In December 2005, as a result of organisational changes in the Group, he became Head of Management Control, reporting directly to the Manager of Administration, Finance and Control.

In January 2010 he was appointed Manager of the Forlì - Cesena Area Operational Business Unit.

Since January 2013, following the reorganisation of General Operations, he was appointed Manager of Water and Manager of the Forlì - Cesena Territorial Area and Modena Territorial Area.

From 28 April 2014, following the definition of the new organisational structure of the Hera Group, he maintained his position as Manager of Water and is responsible for guaranteeing the management of activities relating to the integrated water service in the territory of the Group, ensuring that the Annual and Multi-year Plan targets are met, identifying any corrective measures in the case of differences and improving the service both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. He is also responsible for pursuing business targets in line with the sustainable development of the territory and safeguarding environmental resources.

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