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Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics is one of the company's social responsibility tools. It is a tool for encouraging good conduct, a reference point and a guide for those who work for Hera and those involved in achieving the company's mission.
The Code of Ethics lays down the commitments and responsibilities to be met as part of all company activities undertaken by those who work for Hera.

Hera's Code of Ethics aims to provide guidance for Group management according to the ethical values and the operational principles set forth in the Charter of Values, in order to promote unique guidelines for conduct aimed at meeting the needs of stakeholders and at consolidation of a positive corporate reputation.


The process of updating Hera's Code of Ethics

Based on art. 86 (ex 82) of the Code of Ethics, the document is reviewed every three years and updated as applicable. The first review was performed in 2010, with a second update carried out in 2013 and a third in 2016, coordinated by the Ethics Committee.

  • The code of ethics is valid for a period of three years, after which it must be reviewed and updated, as applicable.

    The third revision of the code of ethics was performed, further emphasising employee involvement with the aim of defining standards of conduct that are shared as much as possible within the Group. The update was coordinated by the Ethics Committee with the support of a working group made up of managers from different business areas, which met between September and December 2016.

    The new document, the result of a participatory update procedure, was approved by the Board of Directors of Hera Spa on 15 February 2017.

    In 2016, two sessions of a seminar "Csr Policies and code of ethics in the current management approach" with 23 managers involved.


The Whistleblowers are those who, in carrying out their job, are involved in or are informed of corruption and bad conduct, and who decide to denounce said corrupt act or conduct, allowing it to be effectively checked but, in particular, who engage in ethically correct conduct and adopt a cultural approach which constitutes, in itself, the main deterrent to corruption and ethically incorrect and/or illegal conduct in general.

The Whistleblower is an employee who reports any breaches to the competent authorities in good faith and on reasonable grounds.

Report to the Ethics CommiteeReports can be sent by post to the following address:
Ethics Committee, Hera S.p.A.
Viale C. Berti Pichat 2/4 - 40127 Bologna

or by e-mail

For any verbal reports, please contact a member of the Ethics Committee, by requesting a meeting via mail.

Page updated 24 March 2017

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