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Hera firmly believes that the ability to satisfy customers and the growth of a company depend closely on the cohesion between workers and that listening and involvement represent a key instrument for improving workers’ motivation and satisfaction.
For this reason, the Group undertakes to enhance and develop skills (through specific development programmes and the Internal Mobility tool), and to promote cooperation and the exchange of knowledge so that an employee’s job is a source of satisfaction and pride, and a significant factor in the company’s success.
Hera intends to ensure a working environment where not only can each person collaborate through an expression of their professional attitude, but where they can take on responsibility and shared rules are observed and promoted (the Leadership Model to grow the individual and the Group) and recognises, to this end, the importance of training as a crucial factor for increasing the value of the company.

Hera had a workforce of 8,502 staff as at 31 December. On average, 97% of workers are on a permanent contract . In the last 3 years, 587 people were hired on permanent contracts, 226 of which in 2016 alone. The sixth internal climate study recorded 66% participation and a satisfaction index of 63/100.

Main dialogue and consultation initiatives:

  • Biennial internal climate survey: 8 centrally-managed improvement actions defined based on the climate survey carried out in 2015
  • 6,843 employees involved in the 18 meetings that the Chairman and Managing Director held between March and July in Hera Group's local areas to illustrate the business plan
  • Training on code of ethics: in 2016, training on the Code of Ethics continued with the ethical game AlphabEthics which involved 127 people. Creation of a community extended to all managers and middle managers who took part in the training seminars on the Code of Ethics (a total of 95 people) and on CSR and Code of Ethics.
  • New CSR seminars: the meetings were continued
  • Training on the code of ethics(AlphabEthics):delivered to over 1,462 employees of AcegasApsAmga (84% of employees involved by the end of 2016)
  • Passaparola ("Word of mouth") project: 242 trainers and 1,939 workers involved in Hera and AcegasApsAgma in the top-down communication meetings
  • Sa8000: a direct communication channel was again in place in 2016: around 250 employees were involved in SA8000 interviews and 10 reports processed.
  • Herasolidale: in March 2016, the second edition was launched, joined by over 800 employees who decided to which 11 non-profit organisations they would devolve a portion of their salary
  • Heureka: 68 ideas submitted by 70 workers in 2016 for the project dedicated to Group employees' ideas for innovation
An "Hera" that has been flowing for 15 years
Un'Hera che scorre da 15 anni
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Un bilancio di sostenibilità a valore condiviso 2016
Responsible services
Responsible services