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Hera consider its suppliers as strategic partners for corporate growth and not only simple actors of the value chain. In 2016 the number of suppliers exceed 5.000 of which 69% are local suppliers.

All the qualified suppliers have subscribed a document in which they committ to the respect of SA8000 principles (see page 8 of the attached document). These principles concerning the respect of labor conditions (child labour, forced or compulsory labour, health and safety, freedom of association, discrimination, disciplinary practices, remuneration) and are stated in the international standard SA8000. This standard define the minimum compliance requirement for suppliers to the abovementioned principles (for more information see link).

Subscribing this document the suppliers accept and commit also to the principles stated in the Code of Ethics.


Main dialogue and consultation initiatives:

  • 9 win-win initiatives were implemented with 25 suppliers, 8 of which relating to the optimisation of material purchasing methods (by means of further digitalisation) and one relating to the operational optimisation of a waste treatment plant.
  • Meetings continued with representatives of socialcooperatives working in Emilia-Romagna for monitoring the employment of 743 persons facing hardship

Page updated 27 July 2017

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Responsible services