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Public administration

Hera is determined to maintain its commitment to correctness of conduct and to quality of services provided. Hera sees this commitment as the outcome of full compliance with regulations and laws. In collaboration with public administration bodies, institutions and universities, Hera invests in innovation, technological development and research.

The Board of Directors of Hera Spa and the main subsidiaries of the Group have adopted an organisation, management and control model (231 Model) to ensure conditions of correctness and transparency in conducting business and company activities. The model includes the principles of conduct formalised in the Code of Ethics. Following the mapping of sensitive company activities, at risk of the offences included in Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001, the Group companies defined specific protocols to be followed in carrying out certain activities, and made the consequent information flows available on a periodic basis. These protocols are circulated to the entire workforce through the corporate intranet. Their application is monitored during the audit phase.

Moreover, within the Risk Assessment activities, the areas exposed to the risk of bribery are identified in the relations held by the Group with Authorities and with supervision and control bodies governed by public law, for example: when taking part in public tender procedures, when requesting licences, measures and administrative authorisations, when submitting reporting documents and when entering into and performing contracts with the Public Administration. These areas, together with other fields such as contracts, donations and sponsorships, entertainment expenses and the management of credit positions, are constantly monitored.

In 2017 duties and taxes amounted to Euro 110.9 million (7.4% of the total value added distributed) and decreased 19.2% with respect to 2016. Of the taxes and duties, Euro 76.1 million was allocated to the Government (Euro 97.6 million in 2016), Euro 28.0 million to the Regional authorities and Euro 6.8 million to the Provincial and Municipal authorities. Business taxation fell from Euro 119.3 million in 2016 to Euro 92.6 million in 2017.

Main dialogue and consultation initiatives:

  • the area managers organised around 800 meetings with mayors and received 3,250 requests from the Municipalities of the local areas served
  • The area managers organised 2,019 meetings with mayors and received 2,705 requests from the Municipalities of the local areas served

Page updated 23 July 2018

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