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Local communities

Comunità locale

Hera intends to take stock of the needs of the area in which it is operational. This commitment translates into listening, involvement and partnership with stakeholders in the local community, mainly on aspects linked to the Group's core businesses (environment, energy and water), in an intense communication activity on environmental topics, and in numerous awareness initiatives in schools with the main consumer, trade and environmental organisations.

Hera's involvement and collaboration with parties in local communities also incorporates topics such as the transparency of its activities in relation to the communities in which they take place, the promotion of employment and advocacy of the disadvantaged both within and outside of the Group, and the promotion of direct dialogue with customers and their representatives.


Proximity to the public and respect for the environment also guide the sponsorships, which represent another way of working together with the local community and are oriented towards three areas in particular: cultural; social and environmental; athletic.
Financing is aimed at initiatives, events or occasions within which transmitting the Hera brand appears to support the consolidation or improvement of the corporate image and reputation. Sponsorships are governed and managed according to the specific protocol which is part of the Organisational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01. All of the Group's sponsorships aim to weave a lasting dialogue with the reference community that receives the benefits of those sponsorships, and support reaching strategic objectives, not only in terms of financial responsibility, but also in terms of social responsibility.
The sponsorship initiatives are approved only after an analysis which assesses: the communication potential of the event in terms of the participation of the general population and press coverage; visibility of the brand, economic and commercial return, notoriety and memorability of the event.

Donations aim to promote socially useful initiatives in the context in which the Group companies operate and for merely beneficial purposes.
Donations are governed and managed according to the specific protocol which is part of the Organisational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.

Main dialogue and consultation initiatives:

  • 22 meetings held in 2016 in the 6 active Labs:69 representatives from the various stakeholder categories took part in them
  • 185 participants in the convention held in Bologna on 21 September 2016 to present the 2015 Sustainability Report
  • 180 guided tours in 2016 of Herambiente plantswith over 3,330 visitors, 2,370 of whom were students

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