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Hera’s significant commitment to the development of stakeholder involvement initiatives represents an element integrated with the daily activities of the organisational units that handle relations with various stakeholders. Initiatives involving dialogue and consultation with stakeholders have highlighted needs and expectations that are used to define improvement projects.

Analysing internal and external documents (HeraLABs, local multistakeholder councils, press review, the Group’s presence in social media, the annual customer satisfaction survey, and the biennial internal climate survey) brings to light the stakeholders’ outlook on the sustainability aspects related to the Company’s activities and allows to select the most relevant aspects for the stakeholders.

The topics that had a high relevance assessment (defined in terms of interest and conflict) during 2014-2016 in a widespread manner by the 6 Labs (in which 69 stakeholder representatives took part) were:

  • attention to vulnerable users (across all areas);
  • waste treatment plant environmental impact (especially in Imola);
  • energy efficiency and energy savings (with a growing trend especially as regards interest);
  • local development and attention to local suppliers (especially in Ravenna);
  • separate waste collection, reuse of waste and quality and costs of urban hygiene services;
  • development and costs of district heating service (especially in Ferrara and Imola);
  • urban decor (especially in Bologna).



Page updated 26 July 2017

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