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Hera's stakeholders

Corporate Social Responsibility means considering, within company decisions, all legitimate demands of the various categories of stakeholders, balancing these demands and integrating them into company strategy.


Stakeholder Hera: Workforce, Customers, Shareholders, Financial Institutions, Suppliers, Public Administration, Local Communities, Environment and Future GenerationsWorkforce Customers Shareholders Financial institutions Suppliers Public administration Local communities Environment and future generations


Stakeholder dialogue and consultation

An industrial group with the characteristics of Hera must take into account the (frequently conflicting) needs and demands of its many stakeholders.

In terms of stakeholder dialogue and consultation initiatives, Hera periodically carries out customer and employee satisfaction surveys, the results of which are used to plan improvement actions. The Group Sustainability Report also outlines the controversies in relations with employees, customers and suppliers. Also present are various types of procedures regarding both claims for damages connected with the management of services supplied by Hera, and the failure to observe provisions or regulations in the environmental sphere, which in any case did not result in serious damage to the environment.

Page updated 17 July 2017

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