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The district heating bill

The district heating bill
Euro 2015 2016 2017
Meter rental 26.64 26.64 26.64
QVairable quota 1,032.00 958.14 961.99
VAT 10%/22% 105.86 98.48 98.86
Total 1,164.5 1,083.26 1,087.49

Weighted average on citizens for the residential monomial tariff for 1,200 m3 of methane measured at the meter, 8926 kWh, on the basis of the volume served in the Bologna, Cesena, Ferrara, Imola and Modena municipalities: 90% of Hera’s customers are in this category and it amounts to 23% of residential volumes sold. The bill for Ferrara, one of the five considered for the average, was calculated excluding the tax incentives recognised due to the prevalent use of geothermal sources in that area. The grey areas show tariff components that are not attributable to Hera.

The average expenditure incurred by a household in 2017 for district heating service is slightly higher than it was in 2016 (+0.3%) but substantially in line with that of 2016. The effect is mainly due to an increase in the cost of gas at wholesale level, which contributes to determine the tariff.

In 2016, the Hera Group launched a new tariff for the district heating service, aimed at families with individual heat meters and with an annual consumption under 25,000 kWh. The new offer, called “Nuovo Teleriscaldamento Hera”, offers a price for district heating that is fixed for 30 months, and a monthly fee for the meter rental (free for the first months of activation thanks to a special promotion that involved the launch of the offer on the market). This offer is designed to protect customers, with a price that does not change for 30 months, from possible increases in energy costs, while providing them with a simple and effective way to understand their consumption. Customers who subscribed to the offer at the end of 2016 thus saw their expenditure “protected” already during 2017, a year in which energy prices rose, since they were able to able to benefit, in many cases, from a lower expenditure than the residential monomial tariff. In the case of the average customer described above, with an annual consumption of 8,926 kWh, the offer involved a total expenditure for 2017 of 968.6 Euro/year: 119 Euro/year less than the monomial tariff, approximately 11%. The offer also includes, free of charge, the innovative “consumption analysis” service that allows customers, by simply reading report sent by email, to understand their consumption habits better, orienting them over time towards savings.