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Safety downstream of the meter

As a result of Aeegsi Resolution 40/2014/R/gas, after a request to activate a gas supply and in some cases to reactivate a gas supply, the safety of the gas system is checked. The scope of application of the inspection regards only user systems with non-technological use of gas (e.g. home use, boilers for heating etc.).

In 2017, a total of 5,218 safety inspections were carried out, of which 4,155 were for new systems and 1,063 were inspections on modified or transformed systems. Of the 5,218 investigations, 4,855 passed and 363 did not pass. In addition to the activities of the assessment structure, 146 cases were also found to not be subject to assessment (e.g. Tariff T1 – Production) and were cancelled by the reference seller.

When activating gas supplies, Inrete carries out another key safety check: the inspection of the actual integrity of the user system (downstream of the meter) to ensure that there are no gas leaks from the customer’s system, before activation of the gas supply. Also, if a fault occurs downstream of the meter, and Inrete’s emergency service locates a gas leak in a final customer’s system, it immediately cuts off the supply in order to eliminate the dangerous situation. The supply is then reactivated only after a qualified installer fixes the system so that it no longer leaks and issues the resulting technical documentation that proves the integrity of the user’s system.

As of 1 January 2017, the new enhanced insurance policy for final customers is in force in the event of accidents caused by the use of natural gas and LPG supplied through the network. The new policy lasts for four years (1 January 2017-31 December 2020) and has higher limits in case of fire and accidents. The changes were introduced by Aeegsi’s resolution 223/2016/R/gas. In particular, under the policy, anyone using combustible gas (natural gas or LPG) provided by urban distribution or transport networks, automatically receives an insurance coverage against accidents that is valid throughout Italy. Final customers other than residential or condominium customers using meters above G25 class and users of automotive methane are not covered. Coverage is provided for civil liability toward third parties, fires and accidents that originate in the systems and/or devices downstream of the meter. The insurance policy is stipulated by Comitato Italiano Gas [Italian Gas Committee].