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Safety and continuity of the electricity service

In 2017, the distribution grids operated by Hera Inrete distributed approximately 2,204 GWh of electricity to around 261,000 users in 24 municipalities of the Bologna, Modena and Ravenna provinces in Emilia-Romagna. In addition, over 163,000 users are served in the Trieste and Gorizia area, where the distribution networks operated by AcegasApsAmga have distributed about 1500 GWh of electricity in the municipalities of Gorizia and Trieste.

The electricity grids operated by Hera Inrete in Emilia-Romagna are 10,341 kilometres long, 73.2% of them carry low voltage, 26.5% medium voltage, and 0.3% high voltage. 42.6% of the lines are underground, and the rest are above ground. On the other hand, in the Triveneto region AcegasApsAmga operated 2,276 kilometres of network, 64.8% of them carry low voltage, 35.0% medium voltage, and 0.2% high voltage. 98.5% of the lines are underground.

The continuity of electricity distribution service is regulated by Arera provisions on the service quality of distribution, measurement and sales of electricity for the 2016-2023 regulatory period, approved by resolution 646/2015/R/eel.

That resolution also identifies the indicators to use to measure power cuts, the monitoring systems and the reference standards.

The indicators related to power cuts originating in the medium and low voltage grids express:

  • the total annual duration of long power cuts without advance notice for low voltage customers;
  • the total annual number of long and short power cuts without advance notice for low voltage customers.

For the 2016-2023 regulatory period, Inrete and AcegasApsAmga have approved the reduction of power cuts originating from the medium and low voltage grids and attributable to external causes. The above indicators, therefore, are calculated inclusive of external causes. Target levels and trend levels for these indicators have been set for each area served by Inrete by Arera’s 702/2016/R/eel resolution, applicable to this regulatory period (2016-2023). The trend levels assigned by Arera for 2016 were complied with in all areas managed.

Continuity of the electricity service
  2016 2017 2016-2017 average 2017 trend
Average number of power cuts per customer in high concentration areas 0.86 1.11 0.99 1.22
Duration of power cuts (minutes) per customer in high concentration areas 7.96 11.66 9.81 28.00
Average number of power cuts per customer in medium concentration areas 1.05 2.81 1.93 2.78
Duration of power cuts (minutes) per customer in medium concentration areas 18.51 38.03 28.27 45.00
Average number of power cuts per customer in low concentration areas 5.13 5.39 5.26 5,01
Duration of power cuts (minutes) per customer in low concentration areas 53.41 66.24 59.83 68.00

The average figure refers to power cuts of the low voltage service, without advance notice and due to causes for which the operator is responsible. The power cut duration minutes refer to power cuts lasting more than 3 minutes. The 2017 trend is the objective of the indicator for 2016-2017. The trend level for the number of power cuts in low concentration areas is 4.30 for Imola-Faenza and 5.19 for Modena compared to the final values of 2.50 and 6.15.

In 2017, for the reference indicators of the average number and average duration of power cuts per user, there was a worsening compared to 2016 with results, in almost all areas, however below the trend level assigned by Arera. The reason for this worsening is the consequence of some extreme weather events that affected the province of Modena. In order to reduce the number of power cuts and electrical stress on the Group’s equipment, the project to install Petersen coils continued. The long-term plan for the installation of automatic devices in the medium-voltage grid secondary stations capable of cutting off the fault current along the line also continued, involving the lowest number of users possible.

In February 2017, we activated the Petersen coils installed in the primary substations of Strettara and San Michele, in the Modena area. We will continue to implement measures in 2018 in the main stations and on the electricity grids in order to improve the continuity and reliability of the electrical distribution service.

In 2016, notification 33177/17 of 11/10/2017 awarded Inrete a total approximately Euro 496,000 as incentives related to continuity recoveries of the electricity distribution service and issued penalties for around Euro 168,000. By 30 November 2018, the Italian Regulatory Authority will publish the results achieved by the distribution companies in 2017. The balance of premiums and penalties for Hera Spa is expected to be approximately Euro 170 thousand. AcegasApsAmga also takes part in the incentive and penalty system for continuity recoveries related to the electricity distribution service, set forth in ARG/elt resolution 646/15; in 2017, on the basis of the duration and number of unannounced interruptions relating to the reference year 2016, bonuses were paid for the two areas for approximately Euro 210,000.

The number of requests for connection to the distribution network operated by Inrete in 2017 was substantially identical to that of 2016 (481 requests with respect to the 492 in 2016). The total input power demand for connection of manufacturing plants was 13.9 MW, up compared to the 15.4 MW of 2016.