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Group drinking water, 1,100 per day, of which 63% on the supply network

The commercial policies

In 2017, the commercial strategy involved all customer segments, reached by specific commercial offers through a range of sales channels.

The mass market remains the one on which commercial activity is most focused, but our customer portfolio has grown thanks also to the entry of new large customers, both businesses and condominiums.

The customer relationship management platform, which has long been characterized by high levels of service, is divided into a widespread system of branches, target-based call centres and self-caring web channels. It is only by promoting this platform that we will be able to concretely implement the principle of customer proximity, which has always been a fundamental pillar that the Group’s initiatives have been based on.

As regards the physical channel, development of new stores in areas of expansion involved Friuli, with a new Amga Point in Pordenone and in the Marche region, with a new Hera Comm Marche branded store in Fano. To date, there are 10 stores in the areas of expansion (Points): Teramo, Fano, Ancona, Pesaro, Lucca, Reggio Emilia, Parma, Mantua, Gorizia and Pordenone.

As far as the digital channel is concerned, in 2017 the On Line Services were renewed and the new My Hera app was launched: designed to be an easy and immediate tool for customers, My Hera is the multi-service app that allows customers to consult contracts and bills, receive assistance, activate services and make reports, including those on waste and water services.

The customer base growth is both the result of sales activity and of a growth strategy based on external acquisitions that brought into the Hera Group Verducci Servizi, a company active in Abruzzo mainly in the provinces of Pescara and L’Aquila, as well as the customers of Enerpeligna (Azzurra Energie brand) also active in Abruzzo in the province of L’Aquila.

Our offer portfolio for mass markets maintains its dual orientation, with fixed price and variable price offers and has been enriched with both a new rate plan (Welcome Hera) and new tools to support energy efficiency. Customers can therefore choose among offers of a complete portfolio that responds to a range of needs:

  • the tranquillity of having a fixed price, for 12 months, with a “welcome” gift, thanks to the new “Welcome Hera” rate plan;
  • the tranquillity of having a fixed price, for a variable duration at the customer’s choice (from 12 to 30 months), protected from market fluctuations, thanks to the “Nuova Idea Hera” rate plan;
  • access to the wholesale energy market is provided by the “Prezzo Netto” offer;
  • “Giorno Hera” offers stability and expense planning by setting a constant price per day, all year long;

Many solutions to support the efficient use of energy launched in 2017, in addition to the intelligent thermostat, LED bulbs, fuel analysis and Hera Fast Check Up:

  • the Contawatt power meter, which allows electricity consumption to be monitored;
  • LED bulbs for business customers, with over 22 models available;
  • the energy management portal for business customers with high consumption.