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The branch offices

The average waiting time at branches has improved compared to 2016 both at Group level and in each individual company.

Average waiting times at branch offices

Average waiting times at branch offices
Min 2015 2016 2017
Hera 8.9 10.4 9.7
AcegasApsAmga 27.5 21.8 16.0
Amga Energia&Servizi 9.7 9.3 7.7
Marche Multiservizi 11.7 14.6 12.5
Weighted average on contacts 11.9 12.3 10.6
Number of contacts 719,584 747,964 764,640

The performance of the Group’s branches improved throughout the territory served, also with respect to the improvement objectives we had set. The higher number of customers compared to 2016, especially in Emilia-Romagna (in particular in Modena) and Pesaro, did not have a negative impact on the results obtained.

Throughout the various territorial areas the excellent performance achieved in 2017 was positively influenced by the following activities and projects:

  • Emilia-Romagna Area: starting from November 2017 customers can book their visit in advance at the branch offices, choosing the day and time from those available. This type of activity has been launched as a pilot project at some branches and will be extended to other branches in 2018. In addition, to help customers who come to the branch offices, a paper reminder was prepared with a list of the documents needed to carry out certain activities (e.g. new activations, takeovers, etc.);
  • Triveneto Area: introduction in 2017 of an important update of the contents of the knowledge base system in order to standardize the procedures adopted by the contact channels and introduce a new queue management system that has made it possible to improve the fluidity of customer service at the counters;
  • Marche Area: implementation of the project aimed at reorganising the structure and logistics of branch offices by introducing the figure of the branch coordinator.

The results achieved by Hera Comm, which manages the majority of the branches (72 out of 107), have improved on forecasts both in terms of average waiting time (9.4 minutes) and in terms of satisfaction among final customers, which stood at 84.4 points (+1.5 points compared to 2016). Considering only Hera Comm, 3.4% of customers waited at branch offices for over 40 minutes (4.5% in 2016).

The Group has 72 branches in Emilia-Romagna, 10 of which are in larger municipalities and open for at least 33 hours a week, from Monday to Friday. In the territories served by AcegasApsAmga including the provinces of Udine, Pordenone and Gorizia, there are 15 branches, 4 of which have a weekly opening time of at least 33 hours, In the area served by Marche Multiservizi, there are 20 branches. In total, considering the entire area served by Hera and its subsidiaries AcegasApsAmga, Marche Multiservizi and Amga Energia & Servizi, there are 107 branches, in line with 2016. In addition, the branches managed by Hera Comm Marche and Gran Sasso in Abruzzo bring the total number of branches of the Group to 128.

Waiting times at the branch offices of the main Italian utilities

According to a comparison analysis carried out by Utilitatis among the main Italian utility companies, the average waiting time at Hera’s branch offices in 2016 was 13.3 minutes, 38% lower than the average of the 15 companies considered (19.8 minutes). Performance improved further compared to the 4 main Italian multi-utility companies (-40%).

Waiting times at branch offices, min (2016)