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Joint mediation for out-of-court dispute resolution can be used for residential customers of the gas, electricity and integrated water service customers, with the sole exception of breakages to private systems and meters due to adverse weather conditions.

In 2017, 69 requests for mediation were received, 45 of which were accepted. 13 of them were for the gas service, 7 for the electricity service, 3 for both services and 22 for the water service.

Out of the 45 eligible requests received, 14 were settled with mediation, 4 failed to be settled through mediation, 1 withdrew, while the rest, mainly arrived in the last few months of 2017, are currently being negotiated.

Regarding the 24 requests which could not be accepted:

  • 10 regarded services excluded from the mediation regulations;
  • 6 were submitted by customers that were not entitled to submit them;
  • 6 lacked other requisites laid down in the regulations.
  • 2 requests for which the deadline for replying to the complaint had not yet passed, or for which a complaint had not been submitted;

From 2010 to 2017, 436 requests were processed or are being processed, 281 of which concluded with a settlement, 115 with a failure to reach a settlement and 14 with the request being abandoned since the problem had been solved in the meantime. The remaining 26 cases are currently being dealt with.

AcegasApsAmga gas and electricity customers may resort to joint mediation as set out by a specific protocol agreed with consumer groups. In 2017 13 requests for mediation were received, of them, 6 were eligible, for 3 the mediation was successful, for 3 it was not and 1 was being dealt with at the end of 2017.