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The relationship with the Italian regulatory and supervisory authorities

The Italian regulatory authorities that mainly affect the Group’s activities are the Italian Authority for electricity, gas and the water system (Aeegsi), which from 1 January 2018 following the assignment of new waste duties has become the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (Arera), and the Italian Antitrust Authority (Agmc).

The Aeegsi proceedings that directly involved the Group in 2017, as part of the Authority enforcement activities, are reported below.

With reference to the preliminary investigation that was closed due to failure to comply with the obligations to replace the cast iron pipelines with hemp and lead joints (VIS 39/2011), after completing our commitment to rapidly replace them entirely in the Ferrara distribution system, we are going ahead with our commitment to inspect the entire hemp asbestos cement network that will involve the complete replacement thereof as per the timescales set by the Regulation of the Quality of the Gas Distribution Service (RQDG).

During the year, the implementation activities related to the commitments undertaken within the scope of the proceedings terminated by way of resolution 557/2014/S/eel were concluded. The activities regarded the presumed violation of the obligations established by the Consolidated Law on Active Connections and consisted of updating the dedicated computer system and then reviewing all the connection procedures processed from the date of entry into force of resolutions 281/05 and 89/07, until 1 January 2012 (date the new computer system became operational), to check for the presence of any anomalies in the payment of automatic compensation.

With regard to the procedure regarding unrequested electricity or gas contracts and publication of a list of so-called “unrequested sellers”, launched further to the publication of resolutions 153/2012/R/com and 244/2013/R/com, the final report has not yet been published.

With reference to the inspection carried out pursuant to resolution 96/2016/E/gas on telephone controls and audits in relation to gas distribution companies concerning emergency services, there were no follow-ups.

An inspection was conducted at Inrete Distribuzione Energia to check compliance with the obligations provided for by the regulations governing the indemnification system and Cmor component (resolutions 191/09 and 219/10): there were no follow-ups by Aeegsi during 2017.

During 2017, the Authority did not issue sanctioning provisions against the Hera Group.