total yield
of the stock
compared to
its 2003 price
euro cent
per share
million euro
of added value distributed
to local stakeholders

More dialogue and feedback with HeraLAB

LAB is the acronym of Local Advisory Board. Our LABs are the means that Hera provides to the areas in which it operates as structured channels for listening to, and discussing with local communities. Launched experimentally in 2013 in the Ravenna and Imola-Faenza areas, the project was extended, in 2014, to Rimini, Ferrara and Bologna and in 2015 to the Modena area. In the 6 currently active LABs, as of 31 December 2017, a total of 83 meetings were held (amounting to over 1,700 hours of listening) and, thanks to the work of the 69 members, 48 new projects were designed and proposed to the company, 40 of which have already been developed. Specifically, in 2017, 10 ordinary meetings were held, in addition to 4 in-depth discussion meetings on District heating, Tre Monti Landfill and vulnerable users. The progress of the work of the LABs is available on a dedicated website

In 2017, 9 initiatives were completed, while 2 were validated:

  • Separate waste collection in the town markets of Faenza The aim of the initiative is to launch and develop a separate waste collection project for the town markets regarding: paper and cardboard, glass, cans and plastic, non-separated and organic waste. Seeking to educate the operators who work in these areas, we will create and distribute a multilingual leaflet (in collaboration with trade associations) which will explain how to correctly separate waste (HeraLAB Imola-Faenza).
  • Chi dona non spreca (Give, don’t waste) The aim of the initiative is to reduce the amount of food not eaten and thrown away, and at the same time to foster the work of local non-profit organisations that help disadvantaged people. A structured network composed of catering facilities and local non-profit organisations, will be created and coordinated by trade associations. At the start of the project, the latter will submit a proposal to the Municipality requesting a discount on the TARI (HeraLAB Imola-Faenza).

A new HeraLAB model will be launched in 2018. It will be simpler and more focused on innovation in company-managed services. Initially launched in Ravenna and Ferrara, the meetings will be held in one year instead of three, and there will be more opportunities for listening to stakeholders. Made up of 12 members representing various local stakeholders, the representatives will be appointed by Hera’s Board of Directors, will remain in office for one year and will meet 5 times.