total yield
of the stock
compared to
its 2003 price
euro cent
per share
million euro
of added value distributed
to local stakeholders

Internal communication

Many communication activities and aggregation initiatives were implemented during the year to increase the dissemination and sharing of corporate projects and to stimulate the involvement of the entire workforce as part of the Hera community. In August, the biennial climate survey was started by the Personnel and Planning Department, to which Internal Communication contributed with a wide range of communication activities aimed at stimulating participation by colleagues.

2017 was a year marked by significant innovation for internal communication. The digital House Organ became a real web newspaper: with its new multimedia content, it provides timely, up-to-date and eye-catching information. Among the most frequently addressed topics was HER@futura: a project that took us to the very heart of digital transformation, initially involving all our employees with active listening activities (based on an online gaming mode) to make us develop our skills and approach to work. Exactly in this context, in the last quarter of 2017, Hera promoted the smart working project. The aim of the project is to reconsider collaborative and team working methods and to seize the opportunities that technology and space can offer to people, allowing them to find a greater balance between work and private life. The new social innovation initiative designed to stimulate colleagues to propose innovative ideas from a more collaborative perspective was among the novelties of 2017: the Heureka+ project, developed thanks to an online co-creation and idea-generation platform, was aimed at stimulating the generation of proposals and direct dialogue among colleagues on strategic topics.

In terms of safety, an internal awareness and prevention campaign was launched to spread a culture that is more aware of workplace health and safety. Three areas were addressed: road safety, healthy lifestyles and the importance of reporting near accidents. Various communication materials were created during the campaign, such as paper table stands, a dedicated section on the corporate portal and articles in the paper and digital House Organ.

In the second half of the year, an innovative internal communication campaign was launched on information security: a real security team, composed of ironic characters, dealt with key topics and provided useful tips, newsletters and simple games to learn how to use digital tools correctly.

After the success of 2016, Percorsi nel cuore di Hera (Journeys within Hera) were organised once again. This year Hera opened the doors of Imola’s cogeneration plant and Forlì’s remote centre and laboratories. Over 250 Hera employees and their family members arrived from the Group’s different areas to discover the technological secrets of our plants, to get to know the work of their colleagues better and to share professional opinions. The recreational and sporting gatherings organised together with employee recreational associations continued to be greatly appreciated: the tenth edition of Hera Ski Adventure, the long skiing weekend, counted over 450 participants with a rich programme of activities also for non-skiers, in a highly exciting and inclusive environment.

Even the benefits reserved to employees for access to exhibitions, performances and concerts in which Hera was involved as sponsor or partner attracted strong interest: over 1,200 people used these benefits and enjoyed cultural initiatives throughout the area served.