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The internal climate survey and other dialogue initiatives

The Climate Survey was carried out between August and October 2017 and involved all Group employees (for the first time, the colleagues of Waste Recycling were also involved). As usual, the survey could be compiled online (made even more accessible thanks to specific PC stations spread across the area) or using paper forms.

The targets that the Group set out to achieve were an overall workforce satisfaction index of 64 (ESI) and participation index of 68 (redemption). The overall results showed achievement and overachievement of the targets: regarding the Group’s ESI, the total figure was 64 while redemption reached 78% (+ 14% compared to the previous survey). Instead, with regard to the specific ratings of the various companies, different results were achieved:

  • AcegasApsAmga: ESI equal to 62 (up compared with the previous survey), redemption 85%;
  • Hera: ESI equal to 64 (up compared with the previous survey), redemption 76%;
  • Marche Multiservizi: ESI equal to 70 (up compared with the previous survey), redemption 80%;

Today, 15 years after the creation of Hera and 10 years after the first internal climate survey, the excellent journey we have undertaken is quite clear: the main climate indicators have increased by 7-16 points compared to the first survey.

Analysis of the behavioural clusters also shows how the general attitude towards the Group has changed since 2005: assessment of the most critical clusters – unhappy and angry customers – strongly increased in all areas that make up the climate. An increase was also recorded in the perception of customers by staff: the gap dropped by 6 points compared to the past.

Among the initiatives most appreciated by the workers, of note are the meetings with the Chairman and Managing Director, the Passaparola (Word of Mouth) and the top-down meetings with managers, training and the Hextra corporate welfare plan.

All the actions related to the improvement action plan defined as a result of the 2015 survey were achieved. In the two year period 2018-19, a new improvement plan will be defined by all Group structures.