total yield
of the stock
compared to
its 2003 price
euro cent
per share
million euro
of added value distributed
to local stakeholders

Other dialogue and consultation initiatives with the workforce

The meetings with the Chairman and Managing Director and all Group employees continue to be a key information and involvement tool. 18 meetings were held, for a total of 6,720 participants over the entire local area, to speak about the results achieved, the business plan, the results of the customer satisfaction survey and the main on-going projects and future objectives. This was an important event in 2017 because it coincided with 15 years of Hera and allowed us to retrace the most significant stages of our history.

Furthermore, dialogue activities regarding Hera Spa’s SA8000 certification were also carried out: around 220 workers were interviewed during the internal audits and those conducted by the inspection company. Three Sa 8000 reports were received from the Sa 8000 workers’ representatives: 1 closed and 2 non-pertaining, since not meeting Sa 8000 requirements. A Social Performance Team was also set up: a joint participation body involving workers’ representatives and the company as provided for by the new Sa 8000:2014 standard. Hera Spa’s Social Performance Team met twice during 2017.