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Customer satisfaction survey

Since 2005, the quality of our services has been assessed by annual customer satisfaction surveys aimed at defining improvement measures. Since 2014, as well as Hera’s residential customers, the survey has included the customers of AcegasApsAmga (Padua and Trieste), Hera Comm Marche (Pesaro and Urbino) and Amga (Udine).

Assessment of overall satisfaction of residential customers
CSI (from 0 to 100) 2015 2016 2017
Service satisfaction index (Services CSI) 75 75 75
Overall satisfaction index (CSI) 70 70 70
Global satisfaction 73 73 73
Satisfaction with respect to expectations 68 69 69
Satisfaction with respect to the ideal 67 68 68


All satisfaction indices were stable in 2017: a rating of 70 for the overall satisfaction index was confirmed, indicating a high satisfaction threshold. The satisfaction rating for the services provided remained stable at 75 points: again an excellent result.

All services exceed the threshold of 70 points, which indicates a high level of satisfaction.

The contact channels show an excellent level of customer satisfaction and above all are consistently high: the ratings of branch offices, call centres and online services are above 76 points, which means that customers will always find competent operators and appropriate procedures, regardless of the contact channel. The “app” channel started to be monitored in 2017, reaching a satisfaction rating of 81. Customer loyalty is growing and has reached an excellent rating of 80.