million euro
of Ebitda generated by shared value
activities, 1/3 of total Ebitda
(+10% compared to 2016)
million euro
for shared value investments,
41% of total investments
customer satisfaction
The annual customer satisfaction
survey confirms the quality of Group

What shared value and prospects mean to Hera

In their famous article of 2011, Porter and Kramer state that companies can create shared value with policies and practices that strengthen the company’s competitiveness, while responding to the needs of the communities in which it operates and to society’s challenges. Hera’s multi-utility activities are, by nature, highly integrated with the social and economic fabric of the local community and, since benefiting from a ten-year long integration of prospective sustainability within the Group’s strategy, may already report a significant portion of shared value expressed through services, activities geared towards the local area and industrial projects. The valuation with regard to the EBITDA reported for the year is the portion of industrial income directly attributable to the Group’s activities, related to the total economic value distributed to stakeholders throughout the areas, and detailed in the relevant section in this Report.

EBITDA from “shared value”