million euro
of Ebitda generated by shared value
activities, 1/3 of total Ebitda
(+10% compared to 2016)
million euro
for shared value investments,
41% of total investments
customer satisfaction
The annual customer satisfaction
survey confirms the quality of Group

The relationship between CSR and CSV according to Hera

Hera’s new approach to CSR merges the prospect for the creation of shared value with the integration of sustainability (already envisaged since the Group’s establishment) into its strategies and business activities.

This results in activities and projects that:

  • improve its environmental and social sustainability performances mainly related to the businesses it manages (also, but not exclusively, in relation to the law and sector regulations);
  • generate operating margins that are consistent with the Global Agenda drivers.

This latter point is a major development in Hera Group’s traditional approach to CSR, which will increase the shared value generated by overlapping business and Global Agenda priorities.

The relationship between CSR and CSV according to Hera


What shared value and prospects mean to Hera