million euro
of Ebitda generated by shared value
activities, 1/3 of total Ebitda
(+10% compared to 2016)
million euro
for shared value investments,
41% of total investments
customer satisfaction
The annual customer satisfaction
survey confirms the quality of Group

The Hera Group is one of the major multi-utility companies in Italy: it offers the sustainable management of several public services to 4.4 million citizens in 349 municipalities spread over 5 Italian regions (Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Marche and Tuscany), where around 4.4 million citizens live. The Aresgas company provides distribution and sales of gas in Bulgaria.

Hera provides energy (distribution and sale of gas and electricity), water (water systems, sewage and treatment) and waste management (collection and disposal) services to citizens and enterprises.

Hera is a company renowned for its reliability, soundness and competitiveness.

  • Its strengths lie in: the balance of its services, comprised of services managed according to free market criteria (sale of gas and electricity, and disposal of special waste) and regulated services (gas and electricity distribution, integrated water services, collection and disposal of waste);
  • strong roots in the areas in which it operates and deep focus on sustainability;
  • a widespread shareholding structure with around 20 thousand shareholders.

In 2017 the Hera Group completed the important acquisition of the Aliplast Group, a national and European leader in plastic recycling, allowing Hera to reach the goal of plastic recycling and playing a significant role in the Italian circular economy. The Aliplast Group of Istrana di Treviso is in fact a leading company in Italy that deals with plastic waste collection, recycling and regeneration (especially poliolefins and PET). The Aliplast Group produced over 103,000 tonnes of recycled plastic materials, with a turnover of more than Euro 110 million in 2017. In December 2017, Hera’s control over the Aliplast Group reached 80% with a binding agreement between the parties to purchase the remaining 20% by the end of 2022.

In the energy sector, of note is the acquisition of Verducci Servizi, a company operating in Abruzzo mainly in the provinces of Pescara and L’Aquila.

Main awards in 2017

Hera’s process of expansion is also marked by the awards received. Among the most recent awards, the main ones are:

  • 2018 Top Utility Award for sustainability
  • Top employers 2018 Award for human resource management
  • 1st in Italy in the Diversity and Inclusion Index of Thomson Reuters
  • 3rd in the Webranking by Lundquist in 2017 for online communication
  • Top Five in the Online Talent Communication ranking by Potentialpark for the most sought-after companies by young people searching for employment

Hera among the top performers in all sectors

The Hera Group confirmed its leading position in Italy in all businesses in which it operates and obtained the following ranking, compared to other listed companies:

1st operator in the environmental sector for treated waste

2nd operator in the water cycle sector for volume of water supplied

2nd operator in the public lighting sector for number of light points managed

3rd operator in the distribution of gas for volume supplied

4th operator in the gas and electricity sector for quantity sold

5th operator in the electricity sector for volume distributed.

2016 data

Aliplast: Italian plastic recycling excellence joins the Hera Group

Aliplast, with 9 industrial plants, 4 of which in France, Spain and Poland, manages the plastic integrated cycle, transforming waste into finished products, mainly PE films, rigid PET films and polymer granules/flakes. Its main commitment is to make the plastic lifecycle sustainable, by collecting and recycling plastic to produce new materials, with the lowest possible environmental impact. Focusing on constant research, development and technological innovation (regarding products, services and processes), Aliplast manages a traceable plastics production chain, which is capable of transforming a disjoined chain into a virtuous circle and of ensuring high quality final products that are efficient and economically more convenient than traditional materials.